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"I just wanted to provide some positive feedback regarding both the class and Ms. Tiann. I struggle to get my son out of the door to school but when it is yoga day, he runs to the car since we don't want to be late for yoga! My son is a sensitive kid and can be shy, but Ms. Tiann is so amazing she is able to build his confidence while nurturing his sensitivity. I know C**** carries with him what he learns in yoga since we do poses at home and he even puts his action figures in the "bridge" pose! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much my son and I love Ms. Tiann and the work she does at Montessori Children's World!" -Kelli

"I wanted to thank you for your terrific class. E**'s little sister was having a tantrum in the car the other day making us all miserable, and E** just meditated. It was fantastic." -Heather

"Yoga Motion was hired by my daughter's preschool to teach a weekly yoga class to children ages 3-5. My daughter had some introduction to yoga but I was very impressed at the level of technical skill she quickly developed while learning from the teachers at Yoga Motion.  She was proud to show me her sun salutations after just a few classes.  I was surprised to see her lower into a plank and hover above the floor with good alignment and focus.  She was also excited to share the stories and songs she had learned as part of the practice such as singing about the sunshine or balancing a jewel on her forehead while participating in a guided meditation activity.  As a former dancer and yoga teacher, I was impressed at how body conscious and healthy the instruction seemed to be while inspiring the children to feel the benefits and joy of yoga." -Sunniva

"R*** has loved the class. The teachers are fantastic!" -Temp

"Yoga has been a huge influence on my preschool children. Both have learned alternate methods to deal with their emotions and new ways to relax. My kids love the variety of interactive poses, the music, breathing techniques, and creative methods to listen to their body. I wish we could have yoga at school everyday." -Dianne

"Hi Heather and Mike, thank you so much for teaching such amazing classes at Baxter and for the updates. My son M** has really loved taking the classes and it has been amazing to see what he has learned! The other day, I was doing a little yoga and he did poses right alongside me and it was so amazing. I was especially impressed when he was able to do Half Moon without me even modeling! So cool that he's even learning the names of the poses. If there are any specific things you think we could practice at home that would help him, I'd love that feedback! His energy has been a bit wild in the last year and we love seeing him learn strategies to regulate and focus that energy. I am sure he will take what he is learning from you and use it for the rest of his life!" -Roisin

"Our daughter L** is really enjoying yoga, we are very happy with the class!" -Mia

"My daughter E*** was in your yoga motion class at Baxter until a few weeks ago when she switched to a public kindergarten. She talks about missing your class a lot, and wants to know if you can come to her new school?!" -Barron

"N**** has really enjoyed the yoga class. She comes home and demonstrates the poses and helps the rest of the family try it out. It’s been great to see her confidence increase with her practice." - Jessica

J*** LOVES teaching me her yoga moves she’s learned.  She comes home and will talk all about tree pose and down dog. It might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. We even went to a kids and parent class and she was able to do the entire hour long class and everyone was amazed by how engaged she was with it ! Just wanted to share that and to let you know she’s super happy when Wednesday rolls around! -Chrysten