We decided we wanted to make a change and a contribution towards getting young students in motion, so we brought yoga classes to school sites. This school based approach allows for children to learn the practice of yoga which will in turn get them more physically active and help children to focus more in the classroom. They will also learn some simple breathing exercises to calm and soothe, release frustration, rejuvenate, and energize. We bring all the equipment needed to run the class at school sites, schools just need to provide the students! Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semester, summer, specified duration programs are all available to suit the school's needs. We offer yoga classes at the following settings:

  • Preschools

  • Day Cares

  • Elementary Schools

  • Middle Schools

  • High Schools

  • Summer Camps

  • Community Centers

  • Sports Teams


Curriculum: Our curriculum is age specific and geared to coincide with what the students are learning in the classroom. For Day Care, Preschool, and early elementary age yogis, they will be learning poses using our ABC method: we teach the alphabet, along with yoga poses for each letter. For example, T is for Tree Pose. We use storytelling, imagery, taking the shape of animals and objects or going on an imaginative journey to make the lessons fun and active. The use of music, props, games and stories help students learn yoga in creative ways.

For older students we dive deeper into the physical poses of the practice…helping students to build strength, balance, and a better sense of self. We teach calming techniques and we practice breathing exercises t0 help students learn effective tools to help them navigate through life more effectively. Cooperative games and group poses are also used to encourage teamwork and positive peer interaction.

Class Format: Warm-up, Lesson, Practice, Cool down

Duration: Once a week (or based on the needs of the school)

Time: 30-40 minutes per session (or based on the needs of the school)


We're honored to serve the students of the schools listed below:

  • St. Matthew's Methodist Preschool Hacienda Heights

  • Hickory Tree School Torrance

  • Jubilee Christian School Covina

  • Montessori School of San Dimas

  • Junior Sequoias Preschool La Habra

  • Montessori of Manhattan Beach

  • Sonrise Preschool Covina

  • La Verne Methodist Preschool

  • Children's Montessori Center La Verne

  • Alhambra Methodist Preschool

  • Valley Center Preschool Covina

  • Sonrise Preschool San Dimas

  • Montessori Children's World Westminster

  • Montessori School of Diamond Bar

  • Baxter Montessori Los Angeles

  • DBC Children's Center Diamond Bar

  • South Hills Academy Preschool West Covina

  • Bright Star Montessori Walnut

  • Children's Montessori Center Alhambra

  • Holy Trinity Lutheran School Hacienda Heights

  • Coastal Children's Learning Center Costa Mesa

  • St. John's Preschool El Segundo

  • Fair Oaks Preschool Pasadena

  • Early Bird Learning Center Santa Monica

  • Our Village Preschool Burbank

  • Eagle's Nest Preschool Whittier

  • LePort Montessori Irvine-Woodbridge

  • International School of Montessori Walnut

  • Yorba Linda Preschool

  • CJ Morris Elementary School of Walnut Valley Unified School District

  • Patti’s Preschool Huntington Beach

  • Arrow Montessori San Dimas

  • GoodEarth Montessori Chino Hills

  • Leap & Bound Academy Redondo Beach

  • Leap & Bound Academy Torrance

  • Leap & Bound Academy Torrance-Walteria (MC)

  • Egremont School


We offer convenient and affordable classes based on the school's needs...whether it's a program designed weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semester, summer, specified duration, etc. please contact us to set up what's right for your school.