This is Mike, Heather, and their kids, the creators and owners of Yoga Motion. They are first and foremost PARENTS, then EDUCATORS, then YOGIS. Heather is a Preschool Director and Mike is a School Counselor. This is the story of how YOGA MOTION came to fruition...

Mike found yoga at age 25 when both of his knees were stricken by Tendonitis. The Tendonitis was so bad that it sidelined Mike from doing any physical activities. As a result Mike was prescribed physical therapy by his doctor, but to no avail. Thanks to the recommendation of some people to try yoga as a means to rehabilitate his knees, he gave it a go. Several months of practicing yoga a few days a week,  he realized he didn't have pain in his knees and was then able to resume doing his beloved activities again. Heather, with a similar injury in her knee, toyed around with a few different workouts, but never quite found what was right for her. Thanks to the convincing by Mike to give yoga a try she also became hooked! Heather found that the practice of yoga helped her to deal with the pain and discomfort she endures on a daily basis. The kids utilize yoga for sports and to help them calm during challenging times.

Mike then started to teach yoga to help others see the same light he did as well. Mike and Heather fell in love with the journey of where yoga had brought them so much that they wanted to do more with spreading the benefits of the yoga practice with youth! Having three kids together, along with working in education with other kids, they observed the need for the practice to be instilled and taught to students in schools. Combining their own personal journeys with yoga, along with their experience working in education, combined with their years of parenting, they formed YOGA MOTION.